Saturday, November 5, 2011

i'm back

miss this girl so much

my mommy my inspiration in life

I’m back it has been so Crazy with all this move and living my best friend has been hard but the good thing about this move is that I have my mommy closer and she has been coming to see me and the Kids. we have been here about one month and she has been here two times . I will be going to Houston for two weeks to celebrate my mommy’s 50th birthday wooooohoooo for my mommy 50 is a big number and I hope to have her for a lot of more years love her so much can image my life without her she is my hero my best friend my inspiration in life my role model she is the best mom and the best grandmother. LOVE her so very much well hope to be scrapping soon have sooo much to do and so little time :)

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Dyan said...

Miss you too mama