Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Award from my friend Cori!
Thank you Cori, for passing on this Blog Award to me! your the best :)

The rules of this award are to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then I am to pass it on to 5 more people.

1. My boys
2. My Hubby
3. My camera
4. Having girl time
5. A clean house
6. A good movie
7. My Mom
8. My scrapbook room
9. My friends
10. A nice card in the mail :)

Now I am to pick 5 friends. Check out their wonderful blogs!

1. Cori
2. Scarlet
3. Tammy
4. Kristie


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

luv reading your "happy list" lots of those make me happy too...have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*

ana said...

Teresa thank you for beautiful comment :)