Sunday, December 18, 2011

can i just say how much fun i have had with this little ELF OMG it's like I'm a little girl all over well this are the pictures of what we have been doing


first day they had to go find him. he was making bubbles how much fun is that :) they had a blast.


he was fishing Logan was soooooo happy that he was the one that fund him and was eating all the goldfish LOL Devin was telling him Logan don't eat the goldfishes they have magical powers LOL you are going to go to the north pole that was so Funny :)


 they are so happy but very cold to go see Santa that day was so cold well for me it was like 30 way to cold i was wanting to take more pictures out side the house but was  like get in the car kids get in the car just got time to take this one wooohoo

 just being Logan silly

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