Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf

Our elf on the shelf captain elf
The Elf on the Shelf will add so much excitement to our house. 

 It sure was a true joy to watch as this morning the boys got up and meet our new friend Captain Elf .  there little faces were so happy to see captain elf. and all the fun things I had planned for them. They just love the book and Logan was a little sad because he didn’t get an elf for him :( I told him that next year we will have two elf’s and that that one was for the both of them. he just gave me the biggest smile ever and seeing the joy and excitement on his face was just priceless. I did breakfast then we did a craft, and we read the book. Well fist we had marshmallows all over the floor from there room to the kitchen where CAPTAIN ELF was I think that that was there favorite part of all seeing all the mess and just having fun this memories are forever and so happy that I can do this with them. Love my little love BUGS this are the pictures from today ....

Here is what you do…
You place the elf somewhere in your house, for example a fireplace mantle, bookcase, shelf, etc. The elf’s responsibility is to keep an eye on the children. Every night the elf flies back to the North Pole to report to “Santa” to let him know if the children were naughty or nice that day. He then flies back to your home where finds a new spot in the house to sit. So that in the morning, when the children wake up they can race to find that the elf has returned from the North Pole and is now sitting in a different spot and doing something fun .

awww love this little guy He is now going to be our new tradition in our house every Christmas.
I love the idea and I love that one day it will be something that I can pass down to my children so that they too can share this exciting tradition with their own kids.

Thank you McMommy for sharing this wonderful tradition of yours and introducing it to me so that I too can experience the joy that it will bring to my family each and every year as well.

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Dyan said...

love it mama! you will have to help me find one on sale after the holidays:)