Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The holidays are over what a great time of the year. I’m so bless to have such a great family and friends we just had such a great time with my mom and the best part is that they came to my house for new years that to me was just the best gift ever. We had a Blast; the only bad thing is that I miss them so much and wish I was living in Houston. But to me the most important thing is to be with my hubby and my kids I know my family will always will be there for me and my kids. We had a great little party for the kids and all my friends from high school went. it was so much fun to see them and their kids after 10 years it’s crazy we just get older and older LOL well we had a great time the kids had a games a little Piñata gift exchange food. Devin just loved the piñata he hit that piñata so hard I was so proud of him. I was shouting that’s my boy that’s my boy I’m so silly. I always said I wasn’t going to be that moms I guess never say never LOL you just love when your kid is doing so good at something what a great feeling. This are some of the pictures I will be scrapping some of them soon :)

my two little ones 

my little Angie love her

my friend for a very long time 
we where just little girls and she was my best friend and now we are adults with kids and great friends that to me is just so cool.

 my baby 

my girls 

my Boys
my big boy Devin 

all the family

 my little family of four 

my little sis 

new years at my house woohoo 

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